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Belgian e-id on Arch Linux

Last week, we wanted to gain access to federal government website throught the use of a card reader with our belgian e-id. For sure this has to be possible in linux :) There is quite some documentation on the internet already, spreadout over different places. Anyway, here's the way we got the belgian e-id verification to work on Arch Linux.

First of all, the cardreader. We used an old OmniKey Cardman 3121. The driver for this is in the AUR. https://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=38762. To verify, a quick lsusb should show your cardreader. Then you should start pscd with rc.d pcscd start.

The next step is to install the so called middleware (http://eid.belgium.be). At this point it was a bit confusing for Arch users, as the debian package is better documented, but some things are called differently (eg the viewer). We grabbed the following from AUR: aur/eid-mw and aur/eid-viewer.

The following logical step would be to check if your cardreader recognizes your e-id. Do this with eid-viewer. If your e-id is inserted into your cardreader, this java program should launch and show a nice screen with your photo and information stored on the e-id.

The last step would then be to configure firefox. There is the official add-on, which worked here without a problem. (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/belgium-eid/) Remember to try everything with the official test page here: http://www.test.eid.belgium.be/